About Plustrendy

Every women is appealing and charming, no matter what your shape or size, just a point of your own choice to fit your genre. Style is not only just the clothes you wear, but also a fun and easy journey that changes as you change and ultimately becomes a powerful way to show the world who you are. 

We know that you express yourself through style. Whether you're just starting to explore fashion or want to upgrade your tried-and-true look, we get where you're coming from and are here to listen.

Plustrendy.com - plus fashion store, which located in China, but we are selling worldwide online. We are proud to provide the utmost quality and value in each garment manufactured. You don’t need to constantly buy clothes to stay fashionable, you can buy high quality, timeless & classic clothing, with colors and patterns chosen so that all your clothes go with each other.

Our clothing are here to help you stay in style-for whatever, whenever. Finding sole style for yourself is more than just putting on clothes.

It is time for “plus size” to move forward and lead fashion. Plustrendy.com is your one-stop shop if you desire to be distinctive, self-confident and eye-catching.